Neurosurgeon in Monterrey

Neurosurgery is a surgical treatment related to various conditions in nervous system including brain, spine, as well as peripheral nerves. Neurosurgeon is a surgeon who completed training in neurosurgical procedures and treatment and get a board certification in neurosurgery giving the surgeon a license to perform neurosurgical procedures on patient. As it is related to the brain and nervous system, neurosurgery is considered among the most delicate fields of surgery.

When you are diagnosed for neurological problems and recommended to get a surgery, you know very well that you need a neurosurgeon you can trust to do the procedure. The surgeon must be a capable one and familiar with the certain surgical procedure. No wonder since the risks of neurosurgery can affect your quality of life. It is true that there are many board certified neurosurgeons all over Mexico but when you are looking Neurologos en Monterrey who are not only expert in the field but also has compassionate care to the patients, Dr. Armando Torres is the one to choose. This neurosurgeon has board certification from Mexican Council of Neurological Surgery and the American College of Surgeons stating his credentials and qualification in this surgical specialty.

Dr. Torres is highly trained and has seasoned experience in various neurosurgical procedures. He can treat various types of conditions ranging from brain trauma, spinal cord trauma, stroke, infections, and degenerative conditions. This surgeon also has expertise in microneurosurgery, advnaced procedure to minimize risks and improve the results of the surgery. This surgeon is practicing at hospital Muguerza Alta Specialty in Monterrey where he treats patients and doing the surgical procedure there. Contact the hospital to schedule a consult with this surgeon. You can be sure that he will give advice about the best possible treatment for your condition. You can also be sure that you are in the right hands.

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