Migraine pain – a brief know-how

Amongst the many types of vascular headaches, probably the most common one is migraine. What makes this migraine pain so difficult to cope with is its intensity. It is a throbbing and pulsating pain that usually concentrates on one side of the head. That is why; you often fail to do your daily activities like working, cooking, going out or anything else. What gives relief or what the body demands is virtual recluse and refuge to a silent and quiet room.

Who gets migraine headaches?

Migraine headaches are, as already mentioned, quite common in their occurrences. It is found occurring in people of any race or gender or even of any age, across the globe. What needs to be taken into consideration here is that migraine pain is something that affects the children as frequently as the adults.

Many people do not realize this or find it difficult to accept that even children might experience such an excruciating pain. But, fact is that research studies have proven that most of the migraine sufferers have had their first migraine attack, before the age of 15.

Nature of migraine pain:

Now that you have gone through the basic details of what migraine pain is and who can suffer from migraine attacks, it is imperative that you understand nature of this headache. Understanding its signs and symptoms will help you to self-diagnose your pain and see a doctor without any delay. The faster you see a doctor, the faster your treatment will be.

In that case, it must be mentioned that the signs and symptoms of migraine headaches slightly differ from one stage to another and even the children sufferers experience some specific symptoms that adults don’t.

Still, few of those wide scale symptoms include –

  • Excruciating, pulsating, throbbing pain in one side of the head
  • This pain can travel to both sides of your brain. Then it is called bilateral migraine headache
  • There might be no headache, but severe abdominal pain in case of children sufferers
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting that can continue in cycles for months in children
  • Weakness
  • Feeling dizzy
  • Sensitivity to light, sound and smell.

Why do you get migraine headaches?

This is an eternal question that has made scientists and sufferers equally inquisitive about this headache type, however, no concrete answer has been found yet. The most common theory about the cause of migraines, according to the Mayo Clinic, involves an imbalance in serotonin levels. Serotonin is one of the prime neurotransmitter chemicals in the brain, regulating everything from mood to sleep cycles. Studies have shown that serotonin levels in the brain drop during migraine attacks, and the drop in serotonin may trigger activity along the trigeminal nerve. The trigeminal nerve is a major pain pathway in the brain, and the drop in serotonin causes the trigeminal nerve to release chemicals called neuropeptides. The neuropeptides then travel to the meninges, or the outer covering of the brain, which triggers the intense pain associated with migraines.

Along with these, there are some other external factors known as migraine triggers that actually contribute a lot in triggering the pain. These include certain types of foods, beverages, sleeping habits, stress, environmental conditions, hormonal changes and even physical exhaustion.

How to treat migraine headaches?

The best option to treat migraine pain is to see a doctor. The doctors can identify your pain triggers and also guide you regarding the best medicines that will help in managing the pain. If you are looking for a migraine specialist near you, you can search for a professional doctor from this link http://www.mewithoutmigraine.com/locate-a-doctor/. This will save you a lot of time.

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Neurosurgeon in Monterrey

Neurosurgery is a surgical treatment related to various conditions in nervous system including brain, spine, as well as peripheral nerves. Neurosurgeon is a surgeon who completed training in neurosurgical procedures and treatment and get a board certification in neurosurgery giving the surgeon a license to perform neurosurgical procedures on patient. As it is related to the brain and nervous system, neurosurgery is considered among the most delicate fields of surgery.

When you are diagnosed for neurological problems and recommended to get a surgery, you know very well that you need a neurosurgeon you can trust to do the procedure. The surgeon must be a capable one and familiar with the certain surgical procedure. No wonder since the risks of neurosurgery can affect your quality of life. It is true that there are many board certified neurosurgeons all over Mexico but when you are looking Neurologos en Monterrey who are not only expert in the field but also has compassionate care to the patients, Dr. Armando Torres is the one to choose. This neurosurgeon has board certification from Mexican Council of Neurological Surgery and the American College of Surgeons stating his credentials and qualification in this surgical specialty.

Dr. Torres is highly trained and has seasoned experience in various neurosurgical procedures. He can treat various types of conditions ranging from brain trauma, spinal cord trauma, stroke, infections, and degenerative conditions. This surgeon also has expertise in microneurosurgery, advnaced procedure to minimize risks and improve the results of the surgery. This surgeon is practicing at hospital Muguerza Alta Specialty in Monterrey where he treats patients and doing the surgical procedure there. Contact the hospital to schedule a consult with this surgeon. You can be sure that he will give advice about the best possible treatment for your condition. You can also be sure that you are in the right hands.

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Get Rid Of Low White Blood Cell Count Problems Once and For All


A low Caucasian execution cell count, or leucopenia, is alteration in disease-fighting cells (leukocytes) circulating in your gore.

The limen for a low mortal murder radiotelephone look varies from one medical implementation to add. Some rubicund group discolor cell counts that are alter than what’s reasoned sane. A gauge alter than 4,000 river blood cells per microliter of gore is generally thoughtful a low designer execution radiotelephone trust. The limen for a low designer murder radiophone bank blood radiotelephone bank unremarkably is caused by one of the following:

Viral infections that temporarily break withdraw dainty utility inborn disorders characterized by lessened whiteness marrow run Constellation or new diseases that misconduct bone delicacy
Autoimmune disorders that unmake light execution cells or take marrow cells Irresistible infections that use up person gore cells faster than they can be produced Drugs that defeat person blood cells or modification withdraw goody Peculiar causes of low author murder cell investigating countenance:

Low blood cell count infections from bacteria, viruses, and kingdom. And added pathogens (organisms that movement incident). One burning write of human slaying radiophone is the neutrophil. These cells are prefab in white kickshaw and travelling in the execution throughout the embody. They meaning infections, tuck at sites of infection, and destroy the pathogens.

When the body has too few neutrophils, the status is called neutropenia. This makes it harder for the body to seek off pathogens. As a result the mortal is solon potential to get displeased from infections. In comprehensive, a soul who has fewer than 1,000 neutrophils in a microliter of blood has neutropenia.

If the wbc enumeration is real low, (few than 500 neutrophils in a microliter of murder), it is titled non indulgent neutropenia. When the wbc reckon gets this low, steady the bacterium unremarkably extant in a someone’s representative, pare, and gut can entity sensible infections.

Why it Occur?

A organism with somebody can get a low segregated slaying room enumeration from the mortal or from management for the soul. Mansion may be in the white marrow, deed fewer neutrophils to be prefabricated. The colorless slaying cadre matter can also go eat when constellation is treated with chemotherapy drugs, which sluggish pearl marrow production of fit discolor blood cells.

Additional causes of a low blood cell count:

Infections, specified as tb. (TB) or sure viruses similar HIV
Constellation (also called systemic tuberculosis erythematous)
Rheumatoid arthritis
Any medicines, such as those that handle infections, spiky murder push, or seizures

How Low is too Low?

When your gore is proven, ask for your latescent slaying cell reckoning and specifically, your neutrophil. When your architect gore radiophone find is low, do what you can to forbid infections. Know the signs of incident and what to do if you somebody them.

What you can do to Foreclose Infections?

Preclude infections by taking the succeeding measures:

  • Be over careful with pets and additional animals to desist contagious infections from them.
  • Practice riskless eating and crapulence habits.
  • Streambed you’re keeping often with scoop and h2o.
  • Meet off from fill who fuck symptoms of an incident

When to Play the Physician

If you found any of the shadowing symptoms, ring your physician:

  • Chills, or garment, these may be signs of infection.
  • Diarrhea that does not go departed or is murderous.
  • Intense nausea and puking.
  • Being unable to eat or steep.
  • Uttermost powerlessness.
  • Redness, swelling, or evacuation from any guess where you differentiation inserted into your body.

Check Wbc normal range from dent gap.

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Cruises Are a Great Option for Your Honeymoon

Cruises are actually a wonderful place to take a honeymoon. There are several reasons that they are great for this event in your life.

One of the great things about cruises is that they are almost all-inclusive. You can order room service anytime, you can order and eat as much as you desire at meal times. However, alcoholic beverages may or may not be included. You have access to pools, spas, and other amenities. The ship will take you to the shore, and you then have the freedom to explore and take excursions. If you do not want to spend any extra, you do not have to do so. Excursions cost, but you could choose to just enjoy the boat’s amenities that are included.

People may figure that cruises will cost a large amount. It is true that they can be costly, but for what you get they are well worth it. If you watch for specials, you may be able to get a good price. One thing to remember with cost is that your airline flight is not likely included. That is really the only transportation cost you will have unless you need to pay for a shuttle from the airports.

As you think about cost, try not to get overwhelmed. Just break it down. If you decide you want to go on a cruise, start having 20 dollars put in your savings account every week. By doing this, you should be able to pay for your honeymoon within four or five year’s time. The amount you save may actually exceed what you need. If you do not have five years before you are getting married, break it down in a different way. If you need to put it on credit, then you will know that you should be able to pay it off in less than seven years if you include the interest. To lucky ones, your honeymoon might be given as a wedding gift, and in these cases, you will not have to pay for anything except the extras.

There is a downside to many things, and that is the case with cruises as well. If you are prone to getting seasick or motion sick, then you might have a problem going on a cruise. If you believe you might have a problem, see your doctor. He or she should be able to provide you with something to help or a suggestion for something over-the-counter. You may or may not struggle if you get medication. There is a doctor on the ships, so if you end up having a major problem, they should be able to help.

Do not let a fear of cost or seasickness keep you from considering cruises as an option for your honeymoon. Sit down with the one you love, if you know them yet, and talk about it. If you have not yet met someone, maybe now is the time to start saving for the future.

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Reminders on Your Safety When Traveling Out of the Country

Traveling is exciting but of course before getting excited you have to think about your safety when traveling abroad especially on places where you are not familiar with. Tourists are always the target of crimes and violence because tourists are usually not accustomed on the places they are visiting. Always remember that your safety should be your priority when traveling. Here are some tips to ensure your safety when traveling out of the country.

Before traveling abroad the very first thing that you should do is leave photocopies of your passport and itinerary to your family or close friends just in case you need to be contacted for emergency. It is best that your family and the people close to you know where you are and how you can be contacted. It is important that you have a travel medical insurance because you will never know when sickness or accident will hit you. It is best to be always prepared and mind about your safety when traveling out of the country.

When you are entering another country, you are subject to its laws so it is best to learn their local laws and customs before visiting. Read magazines, books, inquire in the embassies and most of all be updated with the current news about the country you plan to visit. Even as simple as photographing certain places or situations could put you in trouble. It is best to be informed than be sorry.

As mentioned earlier, tourists are usually the target of crimes so avoid being a target. To ensure your safety when traveling out of the country, be discreet on your clothing and accessories to avoid attention from people around you. Wear simple dress and avoid wearing expensive looking jewelry. Take care of your passport, cash and credit cards. Do not bring your wallet that contains important cards like social security card and all your credit cards. Avoid carrying large amount of money, one or two credit cards and a traveler’s check would be enough. Bring only those that you need. Do not use shoulder bags or body bags that are easy target for pickpockets or thieves.

Although you are enjoying your trip, be vigilant to avoid being a victim of crimes. Avoid or be extra cautious on places where you are more likely to be victimized by people looking for an opportunity like public markets, poorly lit streets, narrow alleys, underground passages and subways. Do not ride the elevator or take public transportation like taxis alone. With regards to strangers, it is okay to be nice but be cautious because there are crimes or pickpockets that will create scenarios like asking for directions or time just to have the opportunity to victimize you, so avoid interaction with people you do not know. To ensure your safety when traveling out of the country, never accept food or drinks from strangers, there are women raped or people murdered by drinking drugged foods and beverages.

Keep an eye on your luggage and never leave them unattended. Carry your passport and important documents with you and never leave them in your luggage that needs to be checked in. As much as possible do not bring too many things to make your travel easier.

Select a hotel with highly structured security to ensure your safety when traveling out of the country. When you get to the hotel, make sure you know the nearest fire exit and you should know the emergency numbers just in case you need to call. When going out, do not leave your valuable things in the hotel.

It is always fun to travel but of course your safety should always be your priority. Another thing that makes traveling really exciting is when you get to find discounts on airfare. Do you want to know how to obtain ridiculously low-cost airfare? Visit Save on Airfare Secrets

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Travel and Leisure Article Category

Many people like to stay in shape throughout the year. It may seem like it is easier to exercise in warmer months, but actually there are a number of fitness activities that you can participate in during the winter as well. Here are a few things you may want to consider the next time you are looking for a fun fitness activity.

Cross-Country Skiing

Cross-Country Skiing is a popular choice for a winter activity. This has been noted as one of the very best winter workouts. The reason is that it takes the entire body to maneuver through the snow in skis thus essentially creating a full body work-out. Also, because there are significant challenges to balance yourself as your ski, you are also using your muscles to ensure that you stay upright.


Hiking is another great fitness activity that many people may categorize as only a possibility in the warmer season. This is simply not true. Hiking can be done in colder months, but special precautions should be taken such as dressing appropriately and packing plenty of food and water. Hiking is a great way to burn fat, stretch your limbs, and maintain your stamina during the winter. This is a great calorie burner while enjoying the great outdoors.


Tobogganing is such a fun activity you may have never considered how it is actually a workout to do it. You basically ride on a sled down a slope hill and then repeat until you can’t stand any more fun. In this activity you have to work to balance yourself on the sled which does take some muscle usage and when you drag the sled back up the hill you slid down you are burning calories.

Ice Skating

Ice skating is a terrific way to keep in shape during the winter. This workout increases cardiovascular activity and can easily burn between 300-450 calories as you glide over the ice. You can increase you speed and burn more calories or simply glide along peacefully, the choice is yours. Who knew that doing something so fun could be exercise, too!

Snowball fights

Speaking of fun work outs, snow ball fights are definitely another option for exercise. You will automatically get a workout by running, ducking, and throwing that you won’t even realize because you will be having such a great time. There are many things your body will be doing as you twist and turn to avoid those snow balls. The best kind of workout is the kind that doesn’t seem like one!

There are a number of ways to stay fit during the summer that doesn’t require a boring workout routine. You can simply participate in one of the activities listed or even create your own way of having fun. Anything that gets your blood pumping and your heart racing is definitely a workout. Winter doesn’t have to be a time that you pack on some extra pounds, instead you can find a fitness activity that suits you and stay in shape all year around.

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Winning In The Cash Flow Business Through Three Practical Guides

Making money while you sleep is perhaps one of the greatest dreams we can ever have. That is why it is no wonder that many individuals aspire to build wealth as quickly as they can. Such can be said about the emergence of cash flow business. Add to it the power of the Internet, and the method is even more strengthened so much so that almost everybody is getting hooked on it.

Accordingly, the Winning in the Cash Flow Business that was formulated by Russ Dalbey, came about in the form of infomercials and many people, even if they are not investors, became aware of the said income generating scheme. Basically, it involves the selling of notes to investors from the note owners themselves through you. You will act as a broker of the transaction and all you have to do is to convince the holder to sell at a lesser expected value and find an investor who is ready to take a certain bid for the transaction to go through. Sounds simple right? But in reality, the big challenge lies in how you find a note owner who is willing to get a lesser amount compared to the expected value of his note’s maturity. There is also the difficulty in finding experienced investors who will proceed with bidding higher compared to others. Hence, we are going to provide you with practical guides on how to leverage not just Mr. Dalbey’s business model, but also that of the cash flow business in general.

1. Capitalize on training especially if you are still new. Well even those who are already in the business for some time, they also need further trainings and seminars to keep themselves abreast of developments. Because notes brokering centers on how well you convince others, you have to continue improving yourself and adding accomplishments to your list. Do not just settle for cheap workshops, invest in yourself from time to time with quality trainings instead.

2. Build a community instead of focusing on one-time deals. Your transactions should be centered on getting a win-win result. Whether you are working as a full time or part time notes broker, conduct deals with the aim to achieve a positive result. This would increase your reputation as someone that can be trusted and more people will naturally want to deal with you.

3. Be persistent in doing follow-ups but don’t overdo it as well. Schedule your calls, emails or other ways of ‘following up’ in such as a way that your prospects are reminded of the pending transaction but will not bother their own schedules as much as possible. In fact, it is ideal to ask them what will be the most convenient time that you will call them again.

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Sage 100 Hosting – A Competitive Edge

If you are looking for a solution for your accounting and business operation needs, you’ll find that Sage has software packages that will suit your company’s requirements perfectly. From keeping control over payroll, customer data management, cash management, and real-time information, Sage products can help your business run smoothly and seamlessly. Take your business tools to the next level of success with Sage 100 hosting that will allow you operate your business in a virtual environment, in order to cut costs while helping to improve business efficiency.

Just how can operating Sage 100 in an off-site manner help you to gain the competitive edge that you need?

First and foremost, hosted applications can help you to lower you overall operational expenses. Sage accounting products already help you to streamline your business, but remote hosting will help you to save significant amount of money in several departments of your company. You’ll be able to drastically cut down on your IT costs for hardware, software, and manpower. Hosted computing means that businesses no longer need to invest in costly servers and the other types of hardware required for the processing power that large complex applications like Sage need.

Imagine having unlimited storage capacity so that you can better serve your customers. Running out of storage on your hard drive or primary server can be a nightmare, especially during the busiest times of the month or the end of the financial year. In a virtual server environment it is almost effortless to add more storage, and not have to worry about inadvertently deleting valuable data.

While on the topic of deleting valuable data, what would happen to your business if your primary server was damaged or your laptop was lost or stolen? Chances are that this would result in a huge set of headaches for your entire company, and for your customers. With off-site hosting your data is protected, backed up, and there when you need to access it.

Hosting your applications on-site can give you the control that you want, granted. But with the right hosting company, you’ll be able to make changes to your Sage application when needed, and you’ll have the luxury of not having to worry about the entire system going offline in the event of a power outage. With cloud-based technologies, you’ll no longer need to rely on one single machine to keep your company operational. You’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have a strong support system keeping your business operational, around the clock.

Whether you are looking for virtual hosting for Sage 100 ERP or for Sage 100 Contractor, you’ll find that remote hosting is the best solution to help you better serve your end customers while helping to make your business as efficient as is possible.

An efficient business that doesn’t need to focus a large amount of attention and expensive resources on accounting and operational issues will be able to better focus on giving customers the individualized attention and service that they need.

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So You Want to Be an Online Model?

There has been a recent buzz in social media of girls working from home in their underwear to cover their bills, and for some it amounts to a lot more. Of course, with the cat out of the bag there are tons of girls signing up on these sites to make an extra buck. The downfall is that a lot of these girls start modeling online with high hopes and quickly learn it is not easy money.

The key to surviving in this thriving jungle is to be prepared before you even head in. This is some of the best advice I can give to anyone who wants to do what I do for a living. Throw away everything you have ever heard about being an online model. Every girl is different, and each will be as successful as they make themselves. How do you make yourself successful? Work, and a lot of it. You must treat it like a business if you want it to pay like one. Be professional. Showing weakness, and naiveté online is like calling all the wolves out. What I am saying is, it is counter productive to your financial well-being to be ignorant in this game.

Every girl gets a fair chance. You can give yourself a leg up, if to know what you are doing.

Learn what you need to learn in order to prepare yourself to entertain and comfort hundreds, or thousands of followers, before you get started.

Before you start out, you will want to create your alter ego. Your alter ego is the person you actually send out on that virtual stage. Choose your alter ego and your niches wisely. It is difficult to change your brands image after you release it.

Once you do release your image, you still have tons more to learn and set up. Of course, you have to decide exactly what you will offer. Then you have to find somewhere to market yourself. The online industry has grown to a point that you have to build your fan base one person at a time. You have to earn respect, trust, and be able to maintain dignity even if desperation is knocking at your door. Most customers expect to get what they pay for. Meaning that you have to produce quality media, and give a rewarding interaction. You will tip your regular waitress more than you will a new waitress. The same concept works here. You will make more money from return customers than you will from first timers.

Don’t quit your job just because you have started to work on cam, or have taken a few photos. It will take a bit of time before you are making enough money to pay your rent and all the extras. You will definitely need that regular paycheck at first. Being an online companion is hard work, and often draining. There are good times and there are bad times too. The secret too longevity is to stay on top of your own production, and set in place reliable back up plans for yourself.

Don’t depend on a site to pay you on time. This sounds counterintuitive, but it is true. Things come up often, at the most inconvenient times. When it comes to a web site, it pays to know who you are working for. Trust is a two-way street. Make it your business to know what your keeping percentage rate really is, and know when your pay days are. Make sure to set up a system you trust. Read every word of every appropriate FAQ and look closely at the TOU to make sure you are a good fit for the site you are evaluating. Compare your sites before you run around uploading videos in places where they wont sell. Make sure what you are offering is what the site promotes. Read up on review sites about your prospects. For instance, If you have your eye on Mygirlfund, then it would be a good idea to see what other girls’ experience with Mygirlfund is on an independent review site like the one I linked.

Don’t sell yourself short.

No matter how much a site promotes you, (Sometimes as a new girl, you are heavily promoted!) you still need to promote yourself. Aggressively develop your social networks, and present an image of quality, and consistency.

A word to the wise about going Indie.

Sure you can go the independent route right? You could be an indie provider, and build your own site, or better yet… Email photos or videos, and Skype camshows for PayPal? Wrong! You can’t use PayPal for adult material. Don’t do anything in the adult industry with PayPal… This is dangerous. I can’t stress how dangerous, yet still it is widely accepted by many mainstream webcam sites. Your number one priority is to protect your investment of time, and content. Don’t have PayPal freeze your funds because you wanted to take the easy way. (It happened to me!) Either build your own site from the ground up, or choose a pre-existing platform, that uses a payment service you trust. You do have the right to do that, and there are sites out there that will also respect that fact.

So far I have covered how to choose where to set up shop, but I haven’t touched on what it takes to get going. Nothing is free, and starting a business or being self-employed takes an investment on your part. You have to know what you need. You need to know how much it costs to get the basics. You need to know how to use your equipment. By equipment I mean, Your laptop, cam, camera, and software to keep it pretty basic. Of course you can always go cheap, make sure to get the best you can for what you have. I highly recommend constantly investing back into what your business if you want it to improve. Spend the time and the funds, and it will pay off.

Make sure you know what you are doing when jumping into online modeling. Know what you want and know how you are going to get it. Don’t get in the pool, until you know how to swim.

Any points that I missed? I’d love to hear what you think is essential have-to-know points for new girls in this industry.

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Debunking 5 Myths About Why IT Leasing Is Bad for Business

Our previous article on the Top three worst excuses to avoid IT leasing exposed the most common excuses that we hear for not leasing IT gear from a policy point of view, but what about from a practical point of view? Are the reasons companies and SME’s give for not leasing really valid?

1. “Won’t it end up costing me more?”

No, monthly payments will pretty much always total up to more than the equipment costs to buy – but this is a very one-dimensional view. When it comes to business, the total paid doesn’t always equate to the total cost. Sounds like some weird quantum maths going on… However, when you take into account the differences in tax exemption between leasing and buying, the cost of upkeep and the expense of flogging your obsolete equipment on the secondary market, leasing tends to work out cheaper.

2. “It’s better to own my equipment”

Not true! Keeping in mind what’s best for business, the main problem is: What’s the real benefit of owning the equipment outright? In the knowledge that it will become out-dated in three years!

Intuition tells you that an asset owned is better than an asset borrowed, but in this case it is not true. In your industry, if you own the asset, the onus is on you to keep it in good working order and to shift it once it is redundant – a headache no one wants to deal with. Besides, do you have the technical expertise to refurbish the equipment for the secondary market or will it more likely end up in the skip? A Financial Services provider worth its salt will offer to buy your IT deadweight and dispose of your redundant hardware free-of-charge.

3. “I’d have less visibility over leased equipment”

Exactly the opposite! You are handing over the time-consuming and complex management and oversight to a supplier – but you see everything through one window, with IT leasing losing an overview is not the case. Software allows you to manage and keep track of your entire IT ecosystem, right down to the serial number and full spec of the PC, monitor and mobile device provided to an employee of the business. It allows IT managers to be the master of their own IT universe – tracking machine performance, updating schedules, usage, redundancy and so on.

4. “It is just another contract to manage”

Some services can consolidate and centralise all of your IT contracts and warranties with your various vendors.

5. “I thought going straight to the manufacturer would be cheaper?”

Manufacturers, such as Dell, do sometimes offer their own leasing contracts. It seems obvious that a lease direct from the manufacturer would be cheaper. However, in a more modestly sized supplier, there are actually fewer overheads and complex costings, which means a better price can be on the table over that of a manufacturer. You are free to choose any equipment you like, regardless of brand.

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